Yoga 101: Goddess Pose – published at

With Fall just around the corner, we can expect some relief from endless hot humid summer days and an influx of vata season. According to Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, Fall is the vata time of year. Known for cooling, dry winds and a corresponding tendency toward an overactive mind, the changes in weather can leave us feeling fatigued, depleted and emotionally reactive…not to mention we may experience a deep sense of inner restlessness often paired with an

The Healing Powers of Yoga Nidra – published at

Although many people are drawn to yoga to stretch and strengthen their bodies, practitioners quickly discover the benefits run deeper. Practices such as Yoga Nidra are inherently restorative, calming the mind and creating peace in the spirit. The healing benefits of Yoga Nidra are mind-blowing; it has been said that one hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of four hours of deep sleep. As you know, deep sleep allows the body to heal and


8 OUTDOOR DESIGN TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR RELAXATION & COMFORT As weather warms up and days grow longer, indoor/outdoor living is a wonderful way to soak up the beauty of Sonoma County. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny backyard or expansive acreage, a well-designed space will help you bathe in luxury and soak up the best parts of the season. A well-designed outdoor seating area feels like an extension of the home. Blended seamlessly with the


SAVE ENERGY & BOOST CONVENIENCE WITH SMART HOME TECH CONTROL HEATING, COOLING, LIGHTS, AND HOME APPLIANCES REMOTELY… AND MONITOR THEM FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY. Back in 2015, less than 20% of homes in the US featured Smart home technology. The majority of these “early adopters”—Smart home technology has been around for more than 20 years now—purchased wireless speaker systems and smart thermostats. People’s favorite activities? Listening to the music and getting the weather report. Just behind

Winter Greens Power Pesto – published at

Well, the dark green leafy veggies are in full swing, able to endure the onset of winter weather! Kales, collards, and Swiss chards galore are piled up in the produce isle all over the northeast and elsewhere for many more months to come.  Stir-fries, salads, soups, smoothies…there’s really nowhere you can’t use this green goodness. Our new favorite: sauces! Did you know you can make a pesto with garden greens using the usual recipe? Adding

The Five Pillars of Water – published at

Beyond the practice of sipping water throughout the day lies a realm of hydration that encompasses the entire body. Soak in water, nix the plastic single use bottles, and practice ancient yogic pranayama techniques that will leave you in tip top shape. 1. RIGHT NUTRITION: Sip Room Temperature Water And Warm Herbal Tea Throughout The Day To stay hydrated, focus on assimilation rather than quantity. Drink water when you are thirsty and sip instead of chug. If

Upgrade Your Space: Wellness At Home- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“THE BEST WAY TO FIND OUT WHAT WE REALLY NEED IS TO GET RID OF WHAT WE DON’T.” —MARIE KONDO While some people are born with a natural capacity to be tidy, I came into this world accepting that life is messy. In fact, I did not learn the value of organizing until I was well into adulthood. I have a tendency to move rather quickly through life, and messes can sometimes follow in my

It’s Time To Schedule A Digital Detox- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“ALMOST EVERYTHING WILL WORK AGAIN IF YOU UNPLUG IT FOR A FEW MINUTES, INCLUDING YOU.”—ANN LAMOTT So many aspects of our lives have been positively impacted by new technology, but there comes a point when we have to ask: How much is too much? We tend to start the conversation by looking at the behaviors of our children. A decade ago, we were outraged that children were watching 4 1/2 hours of television per day. Then


The foundation of health and wellness is a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, but as food and nutrition have gotten increasingly trendy, the concept of eating well has gotten increasingly complex: Which diet to try, which supplement to buy, which label to trust, which vitamins to absorb, and which ingredients to avoid all contribute to an overwhelming jumble of information that can make decisions about eating well feel as organic as a bag of Doritos. “HEALTHY” OR

Into The Woods: Our Guide To Medicinal Mushrooms- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“I SEE THE MYCELIUM AS THE EARTH’S NATURAL INTERNET, A CONSCIOUSNESS WITH WHICH WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE.”― MYCELIUM RUNNING: HOW MUSHROOMS CAN HELP SAVE THE WORLD Walking through the woods, we come across rainbows of mushrooms of all sizes and formations. The sheer variety of mushrooms seen by the casual hiker hints at some of the extraordinary properties of fungi. Dig a little deeper and you will find networks of fine white filaments

Meet The “Solar Mamas” Of Barefoot College- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

To say the political chaos, social unrest, and environmental wake-up calls of the past few years have been stressful would be an understatement. As an antidote to our collective sense of overwhelm, we look to global service projects that are working to restore justice and balance on micro and macro levels. Barefoot College is a NGO with a catchy name that’s pioneering change worldwide by harnessing the power of women, education, and the sun. Through their holistic curriculum

Global Service Projects We Love: Partners In Health- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“THE IDEA THAT SOME LIVES MATTER LESS IS THE ROOT OF ALL THAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD.”—DR. PAUL FARMER By now you may be feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world. The last year has been full of environmental chaos, political turmoil, and considerable anxiety. As an antidote to our collective sense of overwhelm, we look to global service projects that are working to restore justice and balance on micro and macro levels. Today

Smoke Show: The Healing Power Of Moxibustion- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

By now we’ve all seen pictures of athletes and celebrities with big, red circles on their backs, the tell-tale sign of a cupping session. Cupping, a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that’s been around longer than TMZ, is a close cousin to moxibustion, a form of heat therapy designed to energize the flow of qi in the body. While cupping stimulates blood and qi flow through suction, moxibustion uses heat and herbs to get things moving. MOXA

Qigong: An Ancient Balancing Practice- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“QIGONG IS SIMPLE AND PROFOUND. WITH DILIGENT PRACTICE, YOUR HEALTH WILL IMPROVE, YOUR FRAME OF MIND WILL IMPROVE, AND YOUR SPIRIT WILL SHINE IN YOUR EYES.” —Jane Golden, Tai Chi and Qigong Master Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on cultivating and balancing Qi. Qi translates to life force, while gong can mean work or cultivation. A breathing practice, qigong coordinates breath with movement and mental focus. There are several hundreds of styles

Fall Focus: Top Tips For Finding Balance During Vata Season- PUBLISHED AT FIVEPILLARSYOGA.COM

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Here at Five Pillars we hold the Intention to move through life in synch with the seasons. Listening to the messages and even advice each has to share with us and going with the flow or counterbalancing where beneficial – letting the pillars of Right Movement, Nutrition, Breathing, and Relaxation support and inform our choices. According to Ayurveda—an ancient traditional system of medicine in India that’s been called Yoga’s sister science—Fall is
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