World Health: 7 Ways To Reduce Waste- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

The problem of waste can feel overwhelming, but we can and should take action to reduce our impact on the planet. Our daily shifts don’t have to be drastic. We’re in the middle of Plastic Free July, a worldwide movement encouraging people to be mindful of their plastic consumption and make lasting changes in their routines. One of their top tips? Invest in reusable containers and #ChooseToRefuse shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups

Emotional Wellbeing: How To Build Empathy- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“YOU NEVER REALLY UNDERSTAND A PERSON UNTIL YOU CONSIDER THINGS FROM HIS POINT OF VIEW … UNTIL YOU CLIMB INSIDE OF HIS SKIN AND WALK AROUND IN IT.” ~TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Our emotional health has a direct impact on our physical wellbeing and vitality. Surrounding ourselves with loved ones and being part of a community are as vital to our longevity as eating well, exercising, taking care of our cells, and detoxing from electronics and

Why We Should All Practice Tai Chi- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art that promotes healthy living and longevity. If you’ve ever walked by a park or outdoor recreation center, you’ve likely seen practitioners shaping the air with their prolonged, graceful gestures. Although the popularization of Tai Chi occurred relatively recently, the methods are rooted in practices and principals that are thousands of years old. The History The story of Tai Chi is rooted in nature and the circular nature of

Our Favorite Eco Lodges And Why They Matter- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“IT IS NOT NECESSARILY AT HOME THAT WE BEST ENCOUNTER OUR TRUE SELVES.”—ALAIN DE BOTTON With new technologies and discount travel sites, globe trotting continues to become more accessible as each year passes. The joys of exploring uncharted territories and discovering new people, cultures, and places are unlimited. Cultivating a deep sense of renewal and perspective, traveling off the beaten path is illuminating, if not life-changing. Alongside the incredible benefits we receive from our adventures

In Honor Of Earth Day: Three Mission-Driven Companies We Love- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

“THERE ARE ONLY TWO WAYS TO INFLUENCE HUMAN BEHAVIOR: YOU CAN MANIPULATE IT OR YOU CAN INSPIRE IT. PEOPLE DON’T BUY WHAT YOU DO, THEY BUY WHY YOU DO IT.”— SIMON SINEK It’s no surprise that mission-driven companies are on the rise. The widespread awareness that we’re living in a pivotal, high-stakes moment for the environment and our future has shifted global consciousness and spending patterns. Big world problems are colliding with new generations of

Self-Care Travel Essentials: An Herbal First Aid Kit- PUBLISHED AT APOTHECAI.COM

When you’re heading out into the world on an adventure and ready to experience the bliss of new places, cultures, and experiences, the last thing you want to think about is exhaustion from jet lag, a nasty cold from the flight, or digestive issues from exotic food. While a traditional first-aid kit with bandaids and antibiotics may be necessary for emergencies, we recommend creating a trusty herbal first aid kit chock-full of preventative, proactive remedies
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